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January 2018


Sun and Sand at The Cape Hotel – Cabo San Lucas

The view from The Cape Hotel, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Sun and Sand at The Cape Hotel - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas is my first visit to Mexico, I don’t know how I have never been to Mexico despite having lived in the US for 20 years but now that I finally made it to Mexico my verdict, AWESOME !!
What took me so long ? Mexico has it all, beautiful weather, great people, great food, great beaches and hotels. It took us so long to get here and what do we do when we finally get to Mexico, absolutely nothing ! five nights we spent at The Cape a Thompson hotel along the tourist corridor outside Cabo San Lucas and literally we did nothing, except sit by the pool all day, sleep and eat.
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Venice Beach – California

Venice sign in Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach is my favorite of the beach towns along Los Angeles, Westside. It fulfills my fantasy of living in a sleepy beach community where you can walk around all day in flip flops and nothing is rushed. This is my second trip to LA this year, my first being in February to West Hollywood. On this trip we chose to get some winter sun and rented a town house from One Fine Stay and spent five days in Venice Beach. Continue Reading