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Broadway Skyline in Soho, New York

New York, New York my annual pilgrimage to the Big Apple took place earlier this summer and I did what I love to do most in New York that is wander around aimlessly no plan, no agenda just strolling the streets and neighborhoods taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this unique city.

Looking up at these Soho lofts never gets old for me. The colored bricks and the cast iron stairs. I grew up watching countless films and TV shows based in New York with these types of buildings as the backdrop. Even before I ever visited New York I felt I knew the place. Every time I visit New York it is a dream come true. I am walking the streets and seeing the buildings I envisioned growing up in Wales.

The Plaza Athenee, Central Park, New York City

It has been a while since I had been to Central Park. In the summer this part of New York is particularly picturesque. Also new addition to the bucket list, a stay at The Plaza Hotel which is right on the park and looks like a magical building where one can only be happy inside.

Strolling in Soho. New York City
Skyline in Soho, New York Cit

Looking up at the skyline and wandering around are amongst my two favorite activities in New York. I just don’t get bored of doing it.

Mona Lisa on 5th Ave, New York City
Cartier on 5th Ave, New York City

On my way back to down town from Central Park I asked the taxi driver why there were so many empty store fronts on Fifth Avenue. “Trump” the taxi driver bellowed “Trump has ruined Fifth Avenue, with the increased security and traffic, people just don’t come here anymore”. There is no way of me knowing if this is true, however the great number of “For Lease” signs I saw along this great retail corridor was a sad sight.

Of course a big part of any trip to New York is restaurants and I tried some good one’s. I particularly liked The Fat Radish and LeCouCou.
The bar in Le CouCou restaurant is one of the prettiest I have ever seen, it is so perfect looking it is as though it was made to be photographed and the pictures uploaded on digital platforms.
Le CouCou bar, New York City_
The Fat Radish is one of those fun hipster farm to table restaurants that have seasonal menu’s and a cool neighborhood vibe.
The Fat Radish restaurant in Soho
I had loved going to laduree in LA and I was really happy to see Laduree open in Soho New York.The garden in the back is so pretty and even though the service was not the best the delicious breads and pastries made up for it.
Laudree in Soho, New York City

Now I did say New York is an annual pilgrimage for me but I am seriously rethinking that. I love visiting this city so much another visit is absolutely needed before the end of the year.
I just need to think of an excuse to go.

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