Charleston, South Carolina

Pineapple fountain in Charlston, South Carolina

I went on a short holiday to Charlston, South Carolina this Memorial day weekend back in May, therefore file this post under the very very late write up’s. Life has a way of taking away your time. I have been so busy my little blog has suffered. Anyway, why Charlston? well there has been a lot of buzz about the new culinary scene in this southern city, plus I had heard so much about the history of this old town and seen dozens of photos of picturesque streets and the colorful houses that my curiosity was absolutely peeked. Therefore when the opportunity arose I boarded a plane for a quick 3 day discovery trip.

Houses on the battery in Charlston, South Carolina
After enduring a cancelled flight on Friday night, a delayed flight early Saturday morning and finally landing in Charlston only to be met by Hurricane Bonnie my nerves were frought to say the least. Our 3 night 2 full day weekend had been reduced to a one and a half day super short visit. We walked in the rain on Saturday for lunch at the trendy Husk restaurant then spent the rest of the day watching TV in our hotel room at the Vendue Hotel while Hurricane Bonnie swirled around us.
Luckily the weather cleared up on Sunday and by afternoon the sun even peeked out. This meant a day of sightseeing in the old town. We rode the tour bus, walked the Battery near Waterfront Park (where the famous Pineapple Fountain is), saw the beautiful pastel colored houses on Rainbow Row on East Bay St, window shopped on Central Kings St, walked through City Market and just walked around the maze of streets taking in the architecture of this beautiful, unique little city.
Waterfront pathway Charlston
Due to a lack of time the whole trip felt rushed, we barley scratched the surface. I most enjoyed photographing the wonderful colorful architecture, the row houses were beautiful.
Tealcoloredhouse Charlston
While we did dine in some fine restaurants namely Mccrady’s and 492 The trip did not feel in-depth enough to write a more substantial post here. O’h well you know what that means, another trip to Charlston needs to be planned in the not to distant future.

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