Covent Garden, London

Street artist in Covent Garden, London
Neal's Yard sign in Covent Garden
People people people that is Covent Garden. The touristy shopping and dining meca in London’s West End, at the heart of London’s theater land. This neighborhood with the quaint side streets, indoor market, great boutiques and bistro’s, entertaining street performers, old pubs and a general carnival atmosphere attracts hordes literally hordes of people from all over the world. I recently spent a day in London while visiting family in Wales and I chose to spend most of my limited time in the city in Covent Garden. I have traveled to many parts of the world but London remains my favorite city, for me it has everything, it is livable, pretty, exciting and fun. During this brief visit there was not enough time spent to write a travel guide but if you are looking for travel ideas then maybe these images of Covent Garden will convince you to visit London, one of the best cities in the world.

Crowded Covent Garden Street
Telephone box in Covent Garden
Union Jack flags at Covent Garden market
L'Occitane in Covent Garden
Street singer in Covent Garden
Neal's Yard sign in Covent Garden
Neals Yard courtyard
Checking phone in Covent Garden
Cheese at Neal's Yard
Shop window in Covent Garden
London taxi in Covent Garden

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