Colors of the farmers market

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A Farmers market called Green City Market opens every Wednesday and Saturday morning near where I live in Lincoln Park.The market is seasonal opening from early May to late October every year. There are numerous vegetable stalls, food stalls and plenty of prepared foods like pizza’s, crepes and sandwiches. All this makes the market a treat to visit. I will admit that despite this wonderful markets proximity I tend not to be a frequent visitor mainly because I find everything the market sells in the grocery store often at cheaper prices. Also the added hassle of trying to find parking in a difficult area means my visits during the 6 months the market is open are intermittent.

However, come fall, at the end of September and beginning of October, I love to spend Saturday mornings strolling the market stalls. Firstly because the early fall harvest season means bountiful supplies of well priced fruits and vegetables and secondly I love the colors of the farmers market this time of year. The bright orange pumpkins and squash.The yellow, green and mandarin colored gourds. The purple and bright pink beans. Radishes in shades of orange and cerise and every shade of green and red apples. These jewel tones help me look forward to the festive season ahead. Instead of mourning the bygone lazy, hazy sunny days of summer I think of the cozy fall and winter months ahead as I plan all the meals I can cook with the beautiful fruit and vegetables being sold.

Below are some of my favorite sights from a recent trip to the Green City Market.
Purple beans-4214

Pink beans-4213
colored gourds-4216

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    Very colourful.

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