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October 2015



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The dictionary defines Autumn as “the time of year between summer and winter, during which the weather becomes cooler and plants become dormant” – whether you want to call the season Autumn or Fall the point is, it is here and it is beautiful. The warm midday weather is bookended with brisk mornings and evenings. The leaves are different shades of greens, yellows, oranges and reds. Trees look as though they have caught fire with their brilliant color. Unfortunately, this glorious spectacle is so short lived, in a matter of weeks the leaves would have fallen to the ground waiting for us to crunch them under foot. Therefore, before the long winter descends upon us lets walk in our parks, sit in our gardens, stroll along tree lined streets and take day trips to the countryside to enjoy this colorful show that mother nature gifts us.
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Colors of the farmers market

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Root vegetables-4210
A Farmers market called Green City Market opens every Wednesday and Saturday morning near where I live in Lincoln Park.The market is seasonal opening from early May to late October every year. There are numerous vegetable stalls, food stalls and plenty of prepared foods like pizza’s, crepes and sandwiches. All this makes the market a treat to visit. I will admit that despite this wonderful markets proximity I tend not to be a frequent visitor mainly because I find everything the market sells in the grocery store often at cheaper prices. Also the added hassle of trying to find parking in a difficult area means my visits during the 6 months the market is open are intermittent.
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