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September 2015


Catsash – Wales

I have sadly neglected this little blog of mine recently because life got very busy. However, now the kids are back in school and the after summer holiday chaos has calmed down so I am back to posting pictures and writing.
After our sun drenched mediterranean summer holiday in Sardinia we went to visit my parents in Wales for a week. Our house in Wales is in a small village called Catsash on the outskirts of a city called Newport in South Wales. When I was growing up in Wales I took the countryside around me completely for granted, in fact as I got older I longed to get away. My surroundings were too empty, too still and too quite. But now that I have lived in a city like Chicago for 10 years, I appreciate the slower pace of life that places like Catsash have to offer. The little cottages, the country pubs and the rolling hills, the peace and tranquility is beautiful.
For most of the week that I was in Catsash it rained. The dewy weather had made the green of the countryside particularly lush. On the few days that we had dry weather I took my camera and photographed the countryside. I hope you like the pictures.


Summer in Sardinia

One of the highlights of my summer every year is my summer holidays in Europe. Every August before going home to visit my parents in Wales we go somewhere on the continent for some rest and relaxation. This year the sun drenched paradise we chose to visit was the Italian island of Sardinia. I love going on summer holidays to the European islands – the shimmering blue mediterranean sea, the olive oil drenched food and mingling with the boisterous, sun tanned Europeans make a perfect end to the summer season.
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