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Out of all the social media platforms, my favorite and the one I use the most is Instagram. I love this app – it is such an easy way to get a glimpse into other people’s lives. I am a relatively new user, I joined December 2014. The accounts I follow all have great photography, great story lines, and content that I am interested in. I have found that over the last couple of months I have become a faithful follower of a handful of women whom I will call my Instagram ladies. Every morning when I am having coffee I check in to Instagram to see what photos these ladies have posted. Each has a different style, however there are certain similarities; all except one are professional photographers and all are great visual storytellers. They allow me to escape into another world, inspire me and ultimately teach me something new.

Read below and check out my Instagram ladies.

French Country
Have you ever wanted to own a country house in rural France and spend your days cooking and eating amazing food? Then check out Mimi Thorisson is one of the most famous bloggers in the world – she is not a photographer but her husband Oddur Thorisson is and in my view one of the best food photographers I have ever seen. Mimi lives in the Medoc region of France and her free flowing writing style about everyday ventures like taking walks in the woods, shopping at local markets and constant cooking and eating of delicious food all documented in stunningly vivid photos pulls you into her country life.
Photos courtesy of instagram account @mimithor

Parisian Girl
I think every girl at some point has thought of running away to Paris and living out her dream. Carin Olsson did just that and her blog and Instagram feed @parisinfourmonths are a record of her life in Paris. Carin is a professional photographer who shoots fashion for Cartier, Dior and Elli Saab. Carin’s gorgeously lit photos of Parisian cafes, high fashion, Parisian streets, the Eiffel Tower and daily Parisian life is pure escapism.
Photos courtesy of instagram account @parisinfourmonths

World Traveller
It is easy to get swept away with Marianna Jamadi’s moto of living big. Marianna’s photos from her travels around the world are a visual dream. I have a visceral reaction every time I see Marianna’s photos on her Instagram feed @nomadic_habit. I just want to jump into my phone and be wherever she is photographing. Marianna is co-founder of the travel company El Camino travel, her free spirited and bohemian lifestyle is what dreams are made of.
All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved
Photos courtesy of instagram account @nomadic_habit

Hipster Friend
Paige Jones is the cool hipster girl from Portland. A professional photographer whose wedding photography is just the coolest I have ever seen. Paige loves to photograph her dogs, Portland and her wedding and travel assignments. Whatever Paige is photographing it always looks too cool for school.
Photos courtesy of instagram account @paigejonesphoto

Norwegian in England
Marte Marie Forsberg is a professional photographer whose work belongs in a museum. Marie’s clear and gorgeously composed photographs of her life in a small town in England are breathtaking. I can relate to Marie’s photos as I grew up in the countryside in Wales. I am familiar with the green fields, country pubs and the small country houses. Marie makes these surroundings and anywhere else she photographs look like heaven on earth. The pictures of beautiful tea cups and cakes and glasses of wine by fireplaces are a lesson in the beauty of a slow pace of life.
photo courtesy of instagram account @marte_marie_forsberg

I am certain that if you read these blogs and check out these Instagram accounts you too will be inspired by the beauty they present every day.

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    It appears like they all have a very contented life with doing what they do.

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