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July 2015


Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile of ASH + AMES

Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile
One day the mother of one of my daughter’s friends, Tasha Gelling emailed me an invitation to an ASH + AMES jewelry event. Tasha is a Brand Ambassador for the company and was hosting the event. I love jewelry and wanted to support Tasha so I went. What I discovered was firstly, the beautiful jewelry – unique pieces in wide ranging styles, hand crafted with gorgeous metals and stones. Secondly, ASH + AMES is a start up with a difference – while philanthropy is a side project for many companies, for ASH + AMES giving back to artisans who produce their jewelry, supporting them and encouraging their growth is woven into the fabric of this small company. Large proceeds of sales are donated back to artisan communities. Distribution is through Brand Ambassadors, women who are encouraged to balance family and career and can choose which charities to donate proceeds to. I reached out to co-founders Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile and was thrilled when they agreed to talk more about their business. Continue Reading


Hello, San Francisco


After our four day holiday in Los Angeles, we completed our trip to California by flying to San Francisco. I think a more appropriate heading for this post would be “Hello Again, San Francisco.” This is an annual vacation we take every year over the 4th of July holiday, to visit my brother and his family in the Bay Area.
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Loving Los Angeles

Every year, for the 4th of July holiday, we visit my brother Kaustuva and his family in San Francisco. We usually tag on another California destination to make a week long holiday. This year we decided that the other destination would be Los Angeles. I was beyond excited to go to LA. I had not seen the city since I was a child visiting with my parents on a trip to DisneyLand. The weather in Chicago had been so inconsistent all spring that I was looking forward to some consecutive warm days, feeling some west coast laid back vibe and just getting to know the city.
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