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June 2015


Call of the Countryside – Starved Rock Park


This weekend I answered the call of the country. If you know me you will know that is a very unusual statement for me to make. I am not a nature person. I lived in a house with an acre of land once and happily traded it in for a city house with no land because I could not be bothered to deal with nature. However, as much as I love the excitement and energy of the city there are times when the great outdoors beckon. Twice a year usually once in the dead of winter and at last once in heat of summer I start going stir crazy in the city. I yearn for the openness, greeness, slowness of the countryside. The body and mind need to be refreshed. My longing for the country was satisfied this weekend by taking a trip to Starved Rock State Park, a national park 100 miles outside of Chicago.
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Ann Chikahisa – Jewelry Designer

Annportrait logo
When I owned my women’s wear boutique, one of our best selling lines was Chikahisa Studio, a jewelry collection by designer Ann Chikahisa.
Ann was a weekly presence in our store, the reason being she had to continuously drop off supplies of jewelry as her designs sold out immediately. Our customers simply loved Ann’s organic, bold, creative and beautiful jewelry. The feedback was that it was exceptionally well made, timeless in design and can be worn with anything to anywhere. I thought Ann would be perfect to interview for this “Work” series.
A creative, an entrepreneur who has built her own business from scratch – I wanted to know more.
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Josh Moulton- A Career as an Artist


Our interview today is with Chicago based artist Josh Moulton. Josh began painting from an early age and specializes in photo-realism and urban landscapes. I reached out to Josh because I have always been fascinated with the life of an artist. I have a romantic view of what it would be like to be an artist – days spent sitting in a studio surrounded by paints, paletts and easels unleashing your inner Van Gogh, creating masterpieces that would be adored by the masses. What I wanted to talk to Josh about is the reality of making a career in art. While it is all very well creating the paintings, in order to make a living, an artist needs to have the ability to sell their product. I talked to Josh to find out more.
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Shara Mcglinn of Onyx Boutique

I have started a new category on this blog called ‘Work’. I aim to talk to entrepreneurs and creatives who have set up their own businesses.
One of the reasons I am inspired by these individuals is that I used to own my own business- a women’s wear boutique- for seven years. I know the challenges of taking an independent career path. People who work for themselves take a leap of faith, throw caution to the wind and just go for it. It is what makes America great – if you have a dream, a vision, and you work hard, there is a very high chance you can make your dream come true. Therefore, whether you have a designated career path or are unsure about your next move career wise, I hope there will be some tips, some ideas, and some inspiration you can take away from this work series.
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