The Perfect Mother’s Day Cake

Mother’s Day is May 10th. You have most likely already organized the “spend time with mom and show her you love her activity”. Brunch, flowers, breakfast in bed, craft project gifts, spa treatments – whatever you have planned, make some time during this Mother’s Day weekend to make and give mom this cake, it is a Victoria Sponge cake and it is a guaranteed winner.

Victoria Sponge is the most classic British cake. It is absolutely my favorite sweet treat. Why am I so confident this Mother’s Day gift is a sure bet for getting plenty of smiles and hugs ? – well, firstly it is simple and delicious. Everyone likes vanilla sponge cake, strawberry jam and cream. The combination of these ingredients adds up to comfort food. Sweet, satisfying and soothing.
Secondly, the cake is pretty to look at. You can decorate the letters with whatever your mom likes, sprinkles, chocolate, pomegranate seeds, mini marshmallows. However, I think the flowers hit the perfect note. Mother’s Day is a celebration in spring and what signifies spring more then flowers? Thirdly, the cake is handmade by you. What is perfect about this cake is that it is imperfect. the letters may not be exact the taste may be off here and there, but you put in the time and effort to make the cake and that fact alone will melt any mother’s heart.

Below is a very basic recipe that I found in I tweaked the recipe on and used whipping cream for the filling. Any sponge cake recipe will do just divide the batter into two baking tins.

Victoria Sponge Cake

For the cake
1 Cup/225g granulated/caster sugar
1 Cup/225g Softened Butter
4 eggs
1 Cup/200g flour
2 teaspoon baking powder
1½ teaspoons vanilla extract
3 tablespoons milk
For the filling:
1 pint (473ml) heavy whipping cream
¼ Cup/85g good quality strawberry jam

Preheat the oven to 180°C or 350°F
Place all of the ingredients in a mixer or food processor and blend until everything is mixed.
Split the batter between 2 greased 8 inch round tins, and bake for 25 minutes.

To make the filling, whip the cream until double in size and stiff. Add some raspberries and gently stir in.

Layer strawberry jam on one of the sponge cakes.
Add a good layer of jam on one of the sponge cakes

Layer the whipped cream and raspberries on top of the jam

Place the other sponge cake on top of the cream and berries mixture.

Sprinkle caster sugar on top using a sieve.

I used wax flowers to decorate the top.Pluck the flowers leaving a little bit of the stem and push the stem into the cake.

Finished cake.

If you decide to make this cake I hope you have fun, but what ever you decide to do on Mothers day, Have a great time !

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