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We live in the pinterest era. The pictures on this social media phenomenon can make anything have a moment. Last week pinterest sent me an email containing one gorgeous picture after another of succulent plants. I was hooked, I needed to find out what these beautiful flowers were all about, so I investigated. explains in detail what succulents are, but briefly succulents are plants that store water in their leaves, stems and roots so they can be found mostly in dry conditions. These flowers come in incredible varieties, all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. We are in the last few weeks of winter but the ground is still solid and the air is still cool so to get a green fix, indoor plants are still the way to go. Succulents are thereby perfect as they are great indoor plants needing little to no maintenance whatsoever, just periodic watering and placement near a window.


Completely seduced by the pictures I had seen and the information I had read on pinterest, I went to Jayson Home on Clybourne Ave. in Chicago to find some succulents. Danielle Freeman, a florist created two mini gardens for me one in a rectangular glass tray and another in a small round glass dish.
What I love about these little gardens are, firstly they are pretty and secondly they seem so representative of the season right now. Spring is approaching and we will once again reconnect with nature, we will embrace the outside by spending our days on lawns and in gardens. There will be flowers galore, in all their brightly colored scented glory, but we are not there yet – winter still lingers and by bringing these mini gardens into the house I feel like I am dipping my toe into spring and transitioning with nature towards the new season.


For the rectangular garden above, Danielle layered moss, driftwood, tree conks that look like mushrooms and the echeveria flowers in the succulent family.
I think this presentation looks great as a table center piece, it is unusual and can be a talking point. Also the garden can look great on a mantle piece or on a bookshelf. I think it is a great way to add some green to a room.


Danielle created this smaller round garden by using moss, driftwood, airplant (tillandsia) and echeveria succulents. I think these compact little gardens make great hostess presents. You know no-one else will bring anything like this to the party and it makes a change from giving flowers.

IMG_0986 (1)_3

The above is a simple arrangement I made myself, using one echeveria and a dish I had bought back from Morocco many years ago. I like the simplicity. There are only two items here, one showcasing the other.

Prices for succulents at Jayson Home are $14 for a small size and $35 for the a larger size. Danielle can make any arrangement to fit your budget.

Jayson Home, 1885 N Clyborne Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

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