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March 2015


The Bristol – Chicago Neighborhood Restaurant

If you live in Chicago or are visiting from out of town, there is a good chance that The Bristol restaurant is not on your radar. One of the reasons for this maybe that The Bristol is tucked away in the Bucktown neighborhood ten minutes north of down town Chicago – you have to know about it to find it. This small, quite restaurant is where I like to go when I want good food, good service in a chilled out easy going atmosphere. Full of mostly locals the decor is bare brick walls and a blackboard at the back with the days menu written in chalk. This laid back, easy going vibe is reflected in the food. The restaurant adheres to the philosophy of farm to table dining – so the menu is short and simple. The ingredients are seasonal and dishes are meant to be shared.
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Spring Cleaning using the KonMarie method

A spring ritual I have every year is to dedicate a whole day to tidy and declutter my house. After a long winter I feel compelled to go through this process of shedding, so that I can wake up from winter and come out of hibernation. I think decluttering has never been easier. The internet has drastically reduced the need for paper as everything is written and stored on-line. The trash bags of belongings we want to donate, we no longer have to drive to unknown parts of town to drop off at charity depots. Practically every parking lot and strip mall has drop off bins for recycling.
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Decorating with Succulents


We live in the pinterest era. The pictures on this social media phenomenon can make anything have a moment. Last week pinterest sent me an email containing one gorgeous picture after another of succulent plants. I was hooked, I needed to find out what these beautiful flowers were all about, so I investigated.
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Nico Osteria


Back in January this year, my husband and I were having dinner with some really good friends, when suddenly my husband suggested “why not go to Nico’s next time”. My immediate response was “what is the occasion” collectively, there was a united response of “why do we need an occasion”. Everyone was right of course. Now and again it is not only fun but healthy and necessary to get a little dressed up and go out for a fun night to one of the best restaurants in the city of Chicago. I realized a specific occasion was not necessary. The desire to be together, enjoy each others company with great food and drink in a fantastic environment is the occasion.
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St. David’s Day -Celebrating Wales


St. David is the patron saint of Wales and March 1st is St. Davids Day. In my previous post I had admitted that in 18 years of living in the U.S I had not once thought about the celebration of Pancake Day. The same cannot be said for St. Davids day. Every year in the final days of February I remember that March 1st is St. David Day. The thought lasts for a couple of seconds and then is quickly forgotten. This year, however I decided in some small way I will recognize this important day in the Welsh calendar.
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