Pancake Day


I have lived in America for 18 years. During that time I have never thought about Pancake Day, until this year. Just last week I remembered that the Pancake Day celebration also known as Shrove Tuesday falls in February every year and is celebrated in my native Britain. After googling the date and finding out that Pancake Day this year was on 17th of February. I felt the need to celebrate, so I dragged my family to La Creperie in Lakeview, Chicago to indulge in sweet crepes.

La Creperie is the oldest crepe restaurant in the country- 42 years old their website states.The restaurant is a charming little place with wooden floors and a small wooden bar lined with wines and liquors.The look and vibe of the place seems frozen in time, forever the 70’s. The interior exudes all the rustic wonder of a cafe in rural France. This is probably not by accident, the owner Germain Roignant is from Brittany and the crepes are from this north-western region of France.The crepes are thin and slightly chewy folded over into a triangle with the content of your choice ooozing out once cut and released. My crepe with honey and ice-cream lasted less then five minutes.


Pancake Day has nostalgic value for me, it takes me back to elementary school in Wales where we would learn the history of Shrove Tuesday every year. For details of the history visit I don’t remember anyone actually cooking or giving us any pancakes in school. However, vivid in my mind are the cooking segments and shows on television devoted to creating the perfect pancake and the toss and flip, whereby the pancake is thrown, otherwise known as tossed, in the air from the frying pan and caught in the same frying pan having flipped over to the other side. I will confess I have tried this myself and there must be an art to it because I cannot remember the pancake ever tossing or flipping over.

I don’t know why I suddenly remembered Pancake Day after all these years but I really hope I remember again next year.

La Creperie, 2845 N. Clark St, Chicago Il 60657.

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  • Reply Binda Satpathy February 20, 2015 at 5:19 am

    Have never been a pan cake fan, but looking at the pics, I am sure will try one day. For sweet lovers, you bet, this is a feast!!

  • Reply nishebita February 20, 2015 at 11:04 am

    I have made pancakes many times and can flick it up catch it in the centre of the pan. It should be a non-stick pan with slightly higher rims. Then it slides up nicely.
    I liked this very much.

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